Welcome to Lyd Phones

Struggling to get a mobile phone on a contract basis? Do you desperately want a new smartphone but no matter who you apply with, you are continually turned down.

Unfortunately, this is probably because like millions of inhabitants of the United Kingdom, your credit record, and history is poor. This means that any contract or loan product provided by a mobile phone contract provider or from a financial institution is simply beyond your reach and you will continue to be rejected should you carry on applying.

Up until recently, you would have no recourse, but luckily, this is no longer the case. With a guaranteed mobile phone contract, even people with a bad credit rating are able to secure a mobile phone contract for themselves.

So now that elusive smartphone is within your reach!! At Lyd Phones, we go out of our way to help you secure the smartphone of your dreams even when you thought it was not possible for you to get one.

Smartphones are incredible pieces of technology and something that really can benefit us all, from the businessman, the student or even a regular man in the street. In the past decade, they really have become part of our everyday lives and we can’t do without them. Think about how insane people go when they leave their phones at home by mistake. In fact, I guarantee you that they would rather go home to fetch it than spend a day without it.

And it is simple to see why they have become indispensable really. Your mobile phone can do so much. No longer is it just something to receive a phone call or text on. Now you can receive instant messages, make video calls, send emails, browse the internet and so much more. Indispensable? You bet they are!

Bad credit? A guaranteed mobile is your answer!

Now unfortunately, if you suffer from bad credit a smartphone is often out of your reach… well until now that is. With a guaranteed mobile phone contract, you can have a smartphone in your hands in double quick time. We have been in the mobile business for the past decade and we will go out of our way to help you secure the phone you have always wanted, within reason of course.

How do I apply?

Signing up is simple. You either need to fill in our email application form which we will send to you should you require one or you can come into our offices and start the application process there.

We will need a number of documents from you for this application. This includes your identity card, something to prove where you stay (a utility bill), payslips from your last three months at your current jobs and six months’ worth of bank statements (for income and expenditure comparisons).

For there, we will be able to tell you if you qualify for a guaranteed mobile phone contract or not. But don’t worry, over 5000 residents of the United Kingdom have already secured such a phone contract through us.

Once we know that you qualify, we narrow down the contracts we believe are best suited for you. Please bear in mind that these might not always have the top of the range phone that you have always wanted. Why? Well, we make sure the contracts we offer you are affordable and more importantly, can be paid easily each month with you defaulting.

What handsets are available?

We have a selection of handsets available, from the latest, top of the range smartphone like an Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 to entry level phones. In our professional opinion, you should use a phone that will not set you back too much every month. There are a range of budget smartphones that will perform everything you need them to do while remaining very affordable. We often advise our clients to get these as opposed to a flagship phone, even if they can afford them.

If you have any questions about guaranteed mobile phone contracts, do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable staff or alternatively visit PhonesWorld for more information.