About us

With over twenty years in the mobile phone industry, it is true to say that we at Lyd Phones know pretty much all there is to know about mobile phones. Since 2008 we have paid particular attention to that section of the public struggling financially.

In the beginning, we tried our best to help them to secure mobile phone contracts, despite their poor credit records but we soon realized that we were fighting a losing battle as phone companies started to reject more and more applicants, even if their credit rating was a little low.

Around four years ago, guaranteed mobile phone contract suppliers started popping up throughout the United Kingdom. To say we were fascinated would be an underestimate. Here, finally, people with less than stellar credit ratings had a chance of securing themselves a mobile phone on a contract basis.

So we decided to get involved and started our research into this product. We soon knew we were onto a winner and started offering guaranteed mobile phone contracts of our own. After a slow start, we soon were overwhelmed by the response from people who wanted a mobile phone contract but up until that point simply did not have the outlet for one.

We pride ourselves not on the quality of our guaranteed mobile phone contracts but about our general knowledge of the mobile phone world as well. Believe us when we say, there is little about mobile phones that we do not know. We are also constantly updating our guaranteed mobile phone contract options to further meet the needs of the public, which are constantly evolving.

So if you have a bad credit record and are looking for a mobile phone contract or you just need information about mobile phones in general, you can be rest assured that you have certainly come to the right place.