Can a guaranteed mobile phone contract help you improve your credit rating?

No doubt, like so many other people in the United Kingdom, you want to own a handset on a contract basis. Despite constant rejection from mainstream mobile phone providers, your tenacity has not faded and your research has led you to a guaranteed mobile phone contract.

So finally, you can have that handset that you have always wanted. This not only gives you the chance to stay in contact with friends and family, become a social media junkie or to play some of the amazing games you can find, but more importantly, it gives you the chance to get your financial life back on track.


Yes, it does! Stop for a minute and think about it. We know that might be difficult seeing that all you really want is your new handset but at the end of the day, sorting out your finances is a far more important prospect don’t you think?

So how can a guaranteed mobile phone contract help you out in this regard? Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

  • It is a credit product

    A guaranteed mobile phone contract, although slightly different to other mobile phone contracts is without a doubt still a credit product that you would have been approved for. Now think about it, where else can you get approved for any other credit product, be it a loan or a phone contract, if you suffer from a bad credit rating? That’s right, NOWHERE! Finally, even with a poor credit rating, you have a credit product that you can now use in your favour.

  • It can be used intelligently

    Not only is your guaranteed mobile phone product going to give you access to a handset on a monthly contract basis but by paying it off on time each month and in full, it will slowly but steadily start to improve your credit rating. Let’s face it, with a bad credit rating, you need every bit of help you can get to start pushing it in the right direction and with a guaranteed mobile phone contract, you have the perfect place to start.

  • It unlocks doors to further improvements for contracts and other loan products

    By regularly paying off your guaranteed mobile phone contract, you will be eligible for upgrades of your contract. This means newer handsets which may be slightly costlier, but again, by paying them off every month, your credit record will improve faster which eventually will unlock options to more mainstream credit products, including mobile phone contracts, bank loans, vehicle finance, and mortgages. Let’s be honest, it is difficult to live a proper life without access to these products, especially if you hope to own a decent vehicle or buy your dream house one day. So as you can see, not only will a guaranteed mobile phone contract give you that handset you crave but perhaps more importantly, it is a great way to finally start improving your credit rating. And let’s be honest here, although you have made financial mistakes (and we all do), that negative credit rating is seriously holding you back. It’s time to fix that!