Frequently asked questions about guaranteed mobile phones

Every day we field questions from the public of the United Kingdom about guaranteed mobile phone contracts. It seems that since the economic crisis of 2008 and now the recent decision to leave the European Union as decided by the Brexit vote, more and more people are steadily sinking into a financial decline.

That means bad credit ratings and their chances of securing credit products are slim. Luckily guaranteed mobile phone contracts can help but many have questions about them. We have listed the ones that we most hear but should you have others, never be afraid to contact us for an informed answer.

A guaranteed mobile phone contract? What is it exactly?

Although this product is available to anyone, it is specifically aimed at those individuals who are having a tough financial time and whose credit rating is so low that they cannot get a mobile phone using the conventional contractual means. Luckily, if they take out a guaranteed mobile phone contract, their credit record means nothing. It can also be a great way for people trying to build a positive credit history to make a start, for example, those who have just left university and entered the job world. Normally they would struggle for credit products as they do not have any form of credit history to speak of.

I have defaulted over and over again, surely you won’t give me a guaranteed mobile phone contract?

Actually, we will! We give everyone a chance to own a mobile phone. We will look into how much you can safely afford to pay every month and then give you a contract and phone within that range. That means that you might not always get the handset you want but you will get a handset that will perform to all your requirements while ensuring you can pay it off easily enough.

So I can get a new iPhone 7?

Well, it depends on whether you can afford it or not. Many people have a bad credit rating despite the fact that they actually earn a decent salary. So if you are one of this group, chances are that you can actually have a new iPhone 7 on a guaranteed mobile phone contract through us. Having said that, there will be some stipulations, the most important of which is the fact that you will need to pay a significant deposit to secure the handset. This will be returned to you once the 24-month contract is over. Also note that for a new smartphone, we might insist that you pay the contract off over 36 months.

What phones and contracts do you suggest?

Although it is always nice to have a brand new top of the range flagship mobile phone, sometimes it pays to have something a little less grand but still more than capable of doing all of the things a top of the range phone can. We are often asked what we suggest when it comes to a guaranteed mobile phone contract. When we give you options based on your income and ability to repay a monthly contract, we will not only give you the best phone you can afford but also phones that will not cost you as much each month. Having said that, we have a range of budget smartphones for people who do not want to spend a lot of money each month. These have come into the country over the past two years and are extremely capable phones able to do a number of things including social media, surfing the internet, sending an email and video calling (in some cases). You might even consider one of our refurbished phones. These are older models of many flagship smartphones that are around two years old.

I want to apply. What do I need to bring with?

We will require a few documents from your during the application process including your proof of address, pay slips for three months, bank statements for six months as well as your identity document. Only residents of the United Kingdom can apply and they must be older than 18 years.

Note that your application may be declined if you have provided us with any information that is false or if you genuinely cannot afford the monthly repayments even on our cheapest phone and contract offering.